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Focus on Language and the Learner

ENF.006: Communicative Language Teaching in Practice

This will be your TRAINING course to try out all kinds of digital tools on Moodle. 

CLT 2 Materials for Mentors of PPS 2

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Welcome to 1b Cyberspace!

Welcome to 2b Cyberspace

Welcome to 3c Cyberspace. Let's face another challenge.

This is 5b Cyberspace. Find all your course materials and assignments here. 

Do your best.

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Welcome to the main topics of this year:

  • Dealing with Facts
  • Drama
  • Culture through Literature
  • Make your Point

7b... What will your verse be?

Cool stuff for cool kids

8b IELTS and Matura  preparation

Must-Reads in Modern and Contemporary English Literature